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Photograph by Grey Villet

Far from being just historical, this timely documentary forces us to look at hate as it is codified by law, for what else are anti-miscegenation statutes and other bans reflecting bias and bigotry. Though our film focuses on the core struggle of the Lovings – overtaken in the past by competing civil rights dramas and currently by related marriage equality issues – this story allows us to deal with related issues in our outreach. Interracial marriage goes beyond states’ rights to the heart of all human rights and to the pursuit of happiness regardless of color, creed or sexuality.

Leveraging our film into advocacy and action is essential to fulfilling our original intent: to inform, to educate, to move or call to action. With The Loving Story, we have the opportunity to inform the public about what is a very recent right of Americans to freely marry people of their choice regardless of race, as well as to reveal the personal struggle of the Lovings. We also have the opportunity to open dialogue about the right of Americans to marry, regardless of sexual orientation.



Here are ways to get involved NOW:

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  • Notify your local campus student groups or community organizations about the film to grow interest and awareness
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The Outreach Plan for the film is extensive and includes the following to reach the broadest possible audience:

  • National Television Broadcast
  • Screenings at Festivals, Community Centers, Churches and Universities
  • Panel Discussions and Academic Seminars
  • Special Events with Partner Organizations
  • Interactive Website to Share Stories and Responses to the Film
  • Social Networking Outreach
  • Filmmakers Blog


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