Frequently Asked Questions

1) I love the music in this film – where can I find it?

Original music for the film was composed by David Majzlin and you can find the rest of the songs from the film in the full credits at the bottom of our filmmaker’s page. A full soundtrack for purchase is not available at this time.

2) Can I purchase a DVD of this film?

General purchasing for a DVD of The Loving Story will be available to the public in 2013. If you are representing an educational institution or screening venue, please contact Icarus Films for availability beginning May 14th, 2012.

3) I’m an educator and I’d like to show this in my classroom, can I buy the DVD?

Yes, orders will begin shipping through Icarus Films on May 14th, 2012. Please note that we also have a fantastic Teacher’s Guide available for viewing thanks to the hard work of the teams at the Southern Poverty Law Center and Teaching Tolerance.

4) Will The Loving Story be coming to theaters?

Yes, The Loving Story will begin a theatrical tour starting June of 2012. Please check back regularly on our site for updates on cities. If you are looking to bring the film to a venue for a run, please contact Icarus Films for details.

5) I live outside the United States- how can I view the film?

We are represented by Louise Rosen LTD who is licensing the film to foreign territories. As we have information about telecasts, theatrical screenings, and film festivals abroad we will post updates regularly on our website.

6) ) I work at an institution and I’d like to arrange a special screening- who do I contact?

For specialty screenings, please contact Icarus Films for details.

7) What can I do to get involved?

While the story of Richard and Mildred may have taken place over 40 years ago, the broader conversation is more relevant than ever. Feel free to share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter, or get involved with some of the organizations that have supported us throughout the journey of this film