Jan / 23

“…the most romantic and moving documentary of the year…”


It made our day to see this shoutout from Bust Magazine, calling The Loving Story a Must-Watch and “the most romantic and moving documentary of the year.”

Their particular choice of photograph is also the perfect opportunity to give a very special thanks to Barbara Villet for her beautifully written piece about her late husband, Grey Villet, and the story behind his photography of the Loving family.

Of the image above, she wrote:

“…a picture of Richard and Mildred Loving standing on their porch with a pillar between them quietly suggests the legal barriers then threatening their marriage.”

We encourage you to read her essay as it adds another intimate layer to the deeply moving photography.

Jan / 12

New HBO Docs Trailer Out For The Loving Story

We knew the date was approaching, we knew it was happening, but it still gives us chills to see the official trailer.

Jan / 3

The Loving Story in The New York Times Magazine

The New York Times Magazine


We are honored to begin 2012 with a beautiful feature spread in this week’s New York Times Magazine.

The piece walks through 12 images (taken by LIFE Photographer Grey Villet) of the Loving Family and quietly captures the love and bond between Richard, Mildred, and their children.

Thank you to everyone for an amazing 2011 and we look forward to an exciting year ahead.

Jan / 3

The Loving Story to Palm Springs, LA, and DC in January 2012

To all those who have been requesting a West Coast screening, we are delighted to announce that we will be in both Palm Springs and LA in the beginning of January– and for those on the East Coast, we’ll be back in DC as well:

Palm Springs International Film Festival

  • Screenings on Sunday January 8th at 8pm and Monday January 9th and 5pm.  You can purchase tickets here.

Museum of Tolerance Special Screening with HBO

  • Tuesday January 10th at 7pm.  For more information, click here.

Screening at the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC)

  • Tuesday January 17th in Washington, DC.


Please help us spread the word and check back shortly for an additional list of updates and screenings.

Dec / 12

The Lovings, as relevant as ever

In the last few weeks, there have been several current events that remind us just how relevant the Lovings still are…

- USA Today published an article about the rise of interracial marriages, and the challenges many families still face.  Amy Wise, one of the women featured in the article, has a wonderful blog you can read here.

- Duke University has been collecting oral histories of Jim Crow south with deeply moving (and often disturbing) accounts of life not too long ago, featured recently on NPR.

- An interracial couple was banned for a small churchy in Kentucky… after a public outcry, the church quickly overturned the ban

- In Western New York, a girl’s varsity basketball team was called out for using a racist cheer to “pump them up” before games… when their only black player spoke up about their repeated use of “‘The N-word,’” she was met with and unsympathetic response, a team member reportedly saying “‘You know we’re not racist, Tyra. It’s just a word, not a label.’”


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